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For the preferred groups, the "syntax.vim" file contains default highlighting. Write a Vim script that contains the commands you want to use. The name for a highlight or syntax group must consist of ASCII letters, digits and the underscore. Or download one from the internet. this contact form

Or alternatively, the following can be used: :au InsertEnter * match ExtraWhitespace /\s\+\%#\@ characters will be included if the 'tabstop' option is set to the default of 8, 'expandtab' is not set, and if neither the foldcolumn nor the line numbers are GROFF *groff.vim* *ft-groff-syntax* The groff syntax file is a wrapper for |nroff.vim|, see the notes under that heading for examples of use and configuration.

To avoid errors you could modify part of the settings above to make sure clearmatches() is an available function (apparently available in 7.2+). COBOL *cobol.vim* *ft-cobol-syntax* COBOL highlighting has different needs for legacy code than it does for fresh development. The following examples assume you use search highlighting (:sethlsearch). " Show all tabs: /\t " Show trailing whitespace: /\s\+$ " Show trailing whitespace only after some text (ignores blank lines): /\S\zs\s\+$

  1. Syntax highlighting for other script languages can be installed by the function AntSyntaxScript(), which takes the tag name as first argument and the script syntax file name as second argument.
  2. Synchronizing |:syn-sync| 11.
  3. You can override this globally by putting in your .vimrc :let lhs_markup = none for no highlighting at all, or :let lhs_markup = tex to force the highlighting to always try
  4. For example, your older .f files may be written in extended f77 but your newer ones may be F codes, and you would identify the latter by including in the first
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  6. This is on purpose!

Lexical highlighting might be a better name, but since everybody calls it syntax highlighting we'll stick with that. We have a modified experience for viewers using ad blockers Wikia is not accessible if you’ve made further modifications. For example, for the "mine" syntax: :w ~/.vim/syntax/mine.vim Now you can start using your syntax file manually: :set syntax=mine You don't have to exit Vim to use this. Quick start |:syn-qstart| 2.

For Perl script use: :let g:filetype_asa = "aspperl" :let g:filetype_asp = "aspperl" For Visual Basic use: :let g:filetype_asa = "aspvbs" :let g:filetype_asp = "aspvbs" BAAN *baan.vim* *baan-syntax* The baan.vim gives syntax He/him. Do this by setting "rgb_file" to its location. You may not want12 commentsDennis Bradford+010 Reply1,$s/\t/ /gPreston Hunt+010 ReplyI was thinking more %s/ $//g.

if version >= 702 autocmd BufWinLeave * call clearmatches() endif See alsoEdit Highlight some whitespace characters a script to toggle specified highlighting Converting tabs to spaces to convert tabs to spaces Known attribute names are colored differently than unknown ones. This allows using ":highlight" commands to set your preferred colors before or after using this command. Erlang is case sensitive and default extension is ".erl".

This | should always load $VIMRUNTIME/scripts.vim, which does the following. | | | +- Source the user's optional file, from the *myscriptsfile* | | variable. Reload to refresh your session. For example, if all your fortran files with an .f90 extension are written in free source form and the rest in fixed source form, add the following code to your ftplugin It can be done explicitly or in a modeline by appending '.doxygen' to the syntax of the file.

Wikia is a free-to-use site that makes money from advertising. Twitter may be over capacity or experiencing a momentary hiccup. DOXYGEN *doxygen.vim* *doxygen-syntax* Doxygen generates code documentation using a special documentation format (similar to Javadoc). To have *.inc files be recognized as IA64, add this to your .vimrc file: :let g:filetype_inc = "ia64" INFORM *inform.vim* *ft-inform-syntax* Inform highlighting includes symbols provided by the Inform Library, as

All other tcsh/csh scripts will be classified as tcsh, UNLESS the "filetype_csh" variable exists. The associated ftplugin script sets some buffer-local options to make editing FlexWiki pages more convenient. If you have multiple files, you can use the filetype as the directory name. navigate here Tap the icon to send it instantly.

In Java 1.1 the functions System.out.println() and System.err.println() should only be used for debugging. With the following, and the default backslash Leader key, you can type \wn to switch highlighting on, and \wf to switch it off. :nnoremap wn:match ExtraWhitespace /^\s* \s*\\s\+$/ :nnoremap wf:match With Content is available under CC-BY-SA.

syntax/cpp.vim These commands are normally in the file $VIMRUNTIME/syntax/synload.vim.

To turn this feature off add the following line to your startup file: :let java_ignore_javadoc=1 If you use the special Javadoc comment highlighting described above you can also turn on special An alternative is to use syntax highlighting. :helpsyntax Here is an example using one of the patterns shown earlier. Syntax file remarks |:syn-file-remarks| 5. Log in » Close Two-way (sending and receiving) short codes: Country Code For customers of United States 40404 (any) Canada 21212 (any) United Kingdom 86444 Vodafone, Orange, 3, O2 Brazil 40404

Example: :au BufReadPost * if b:current_syntax == "csh" :au BufReadPost * do-some-things :au BufReadPost * endif 2HTML *2html.vim* *convert-to-HTML* This is not a syntax file itself, but a script that converts The following names are reserved and cannot be used as a group name: NONE ALL ALLBUT contains contained *hl-Ignore* When using the Ignore group, you may also consider using the conceal The more complex of the extensions are disabled by defining idl_no_extensions. Although on MS-DOS and Windows the right format is automatically selected if the 'fileformats' option is not empty.

Any :match highlighting applies only to the current window. To detect which one should be used, Vim checks for the string "VB_Name" in the first five lines of the file. Enabling this option will use CSS 2.0 to allow a user to open a fold by hovering the mouse pointer over it. Source the script to convert the current file: :runtime!

If you prefer to have them highlighted differently you must define new highlightings for the following groups.: Debug, DebugSpecial, DebugString, DebugBoolean, DebugType which are used for the statement itself, special characters Put this in your vimrc, after the command :syntaxon (which you may already have). You can force lines to be numbered in the HTML output by setting "html_number_lines" to non-zero value: :let g:html_number_lines = 1 Force to omit the line numbers by using a zero If the file type was not | found yet, then scripts.vim is searched for in 'runtimepath'.

To enable them assign any value to the respective variable. Non-default fortran dialects The syntax script supports five Fortran dialects: f95, f90, f77, the Lahey subset elf90, and the Imagine1 subset F. There are some Microsoft extensions to idl files that are here. For Unix this would be ~/.vim/after/syntax/c.vim.

If all your fortran files use the same dialect, set fortran_dialect in your .vimrc prior to your syntax on statement. doxygen_end_punctuation '[.]' Set to regexp match for the ending punctuation of brief There are also some hilight groups worth mentioning as they can be useful in configuration. If you always use fixed source form, then :let fortran_fixed_source=1 in your .vimrc prior to the :syntax on command. Sign up » Close Sign up for Twitter Not on Twitter?

Currently these syntax files are included: asm GNU assembly (the default) asm68k Motorola 680x0 assembly asmh8300 Hitachi H-8300 version of GNU assembly ia64 Intel Itanium 64 fasm Flat assembly http://flatassembler.net masm Color xterms |xterm-color| {Vi does not have any of these commands} Syntax highlighting is not available when the |+syntax| feature has been disabled at compile time. ============================================================================== 1. HTML comments are colored as 'Special' 4. You signed in with another tab or window.