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System Returned To Rom By Address Error At Pc


Jul 8 14:18:27 CEST: %C6KPWR-SP-4-PSOK: power supply 1 turned on. All of the devices used in this document started with a cleared (default) configuration. The PC value is the location of the instruction which the processor was executing when the bus error occured. The memory location that this router tried to access was ‘0x0'. Check This Out

Copied the crash info file into Output Interpreter on Cisco's website and was told it's a bug on the IOS code.......as usual Cisco recommends you "upgrade your device to the latest This is the biggest reason I blog, to share knowledge like so many others out there :) by Ruhann March 30, 2010 at 08:37 Reply Great article, thanks! In order to use it, you must be a registered customer, be logged in, and have JavaScript enabled. The bug details indicate 56-bit encryption was part of the scenario.

System Returned To Rom By Address Error At Pc

This command is supported in CatOS version 8.3x or later. Therefore, Cisco highly recommends you wait for a hard parity error before you replace anything. If the address does not fall within a virtual address range, use the Cisco CLI Analyzer (registered customers only) to decode the output of the show stacks or the show technical-support

Home Skip to content Skip to footer Worldwide [change] Log In Account Register My Cisco Cisco.com Worldwide Home Products & Services (menu) Support (menu) How to Buy (menu) Training & Events So if a bug is fixedin 12.3(8.1), the bug fix is present in 12.3(9), 12.3(10), and so on.REFERENCE: For more information on how IOS images are named, see Cisco IOS WhitePaper.The americanmcneil (TechnicalUser) (OP) 4 Mar 08 15:29 I have a Cisco 7200 VXR that has recently started to crash randomly. Cisco Bus Error It was very helpful :) by Ivan November 29, 2013 at 22:04 Reply Hi i have faced similar issue in my organistaion XXXXXXXX uptime is 1 hour, 3 minutes Uptime

do anyone got chance to dig in? Last Reload Reason: Address Error At Pc Cool, that is easy to fix !! You can see it was caused by a system bus error. For 68000 Processor based platforms, carry out the following steps:Consider the output:"System restarted by bus error at PC 0x30EE546, address 0xBB4C4".Here the system is trying to access the address "0xBB4C4"a.

I'm going out on an unauthoratitive limb, but PC 0x00000000 looks like an indirect function call attempt dereferenced a NULL pointer -- which shouldn't happen. System Returned To Rom By Error - A System Error Conditions: This symptom is observed on a Cisco 7200 series that is running Cisco IOS Release 12.2(8)T4. Eddy -- EverQuick Internet - http://www.everquick.net/ A division of Brotsman & Dreger, Inc. - http://www.brotsman.com/ Bandwidth, consulting, e-commerce, hosting, and network building Phone: +1 785 865 5885 Lawrence and [inter]national Phone: This is confirmed with the show region command: Router#show version | i of memory cisco RSP2 (R4700) processor with 65536K/2072K bytes of memory.

Last Reload Reason: Address Error At Pc

After doing some more digging on the Cisco website I did a "show context" and it brought up the error that caused the crash and the memory location. When a router crashes due to data or stack corruption, more reload information is needed to debug this type of crash than just the output from the normal show stacks command. System Returned To Rom By Address Error At Pc Processor board ID 14534708 R7000 CPU at 262Mhz, Implementation 39, Rev 1.0, 256KB L2, 2048KB L3 Cache 6 slot VXR midplane, Version 2.0 Last reset from power-on X.25 software, Version 3.0.0. Bus Error Linux Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS).

If a software configuration change has recently been made, and the router is in a booting loop, a software bug may be causing this issue. http://alltechgossip.com/bus-error/bus-error-in-c.html Conditions: Nat is configured. Another related issue is a Versatile Interface Processor (VIP) crash. Using the show region output, this address falls within the range of "main", or more specifically, "main:heap" or 0x000666B4-0x007FEFFF. Sp By Bus Error At Pc

Cause is unknown. Your cache administrator is webmaster. No ETA yet. 5monthsago Troubleshooting MAC-Flaps on NX-OS wp.me/pinca-YU 3yearsago FEX Architectures wp.me/pinca-Ym 4yearsago Follow @routingbits Subscribe Enter your email address to subscribe to Routing-Bits and receive notifications of new posts http://alltechgossip.com/bus-error/what-is-bus-error-10.html Composite Reset Reason = (0xa) Level 1 Watch Dog time out Level 2 Watch Dog time out Conditions: Occurs randomly after upgrade to this release.

If the command output indicates that a software crash occurred at the time you suspected that the switch rebooted, contact Cisco Technical Support. Bus Error (load) Exception I'm going out on an unauthoratitive JE> > limb, but PC 0x00000000 looks like an indirect function call Correcting my earlier post: It could also be a return where the stack For the RISC Processor based platforms, use the Output Interpreter Tool to decodethe output of the "show stacks" command and identify the Cisco IOS Softwarebug that is causing the bus error.REFERENCE:

Several functions may not work.

The second thing to do is determine the type of processor in the router. Composite Reset Reason = (0xa) Level 1 Watch Dog time out Level 2 Watch Dog time out Conditions: Occurs randomly after upgrade to this release. Hardware Failure The information contained in the bus error does not help to isolate the hardware. How To Solve Bus Error In Linux Software Failure On 2600 and 3600 routers, the router's I/O memory is configurable as a percentage of the main memory.

For this the crashinfo is vital. Information to Collect if You Open a Service Request If you still need assistance after following the troubleshooting steps above and want to open a case with Cisco Technical Support, be In order to upgrade the active supervisor, do a force switchover and perform the ROMMon upgrade. http://alltechgossip.com/bus-error/bus-error-c.html You can also issue the dir slavesup-bootflash: command in order to display the standby Supervisor Engine bootflash device.

If your Supervisor module has DRAM of 128MB, then in order to resolve this issue, upgrade the memory to 256MB or more. Verify that your configuration is supported in the Cisco IOS software and by the hardware. Related Information Troubleshooting Router Crashes Troubleshooting Versatile Interface Processor Crashes Troubleshooting Line Card Crashes on the Cisco 12000 Series Internet Router Cisco CLI Analyzer (registered customers only) Technical Support - Cisco It might be a bit overwhelming with all the garbish it spits out, but you will get used to the output soon enough.

Prerequisites Requirements There are no specific requirements for this document. I'd guess IOS bug... thx by ned1234 March 29, 2010 at 23:29 Reply Thanks :) Unfortunately there is no magic site I used other than CCO. If you have the output of a show stacks or show technical-support (from enable mode) command from your Cisco device, you can use Cisco CLI Analyzer to display potential issues and

If the errors happen more frequently, replace the MSFC2. Use the Output Interpreter to decode the outputof the "show stacks" command to identify the software bug that is causingthe bus error.b. Refer to Processor Memory Parity Errors (PMPEs) for more information on parity errors. %MISTRAL-3-ERROR If your MSFC2 crashes and you have a crashinfo file in your bootflash device, issue What have we established so far?

Recover Catalyst Switches that run CatOS from Booting Failures Refer to Recover the Catalyst 6500/6000 with Supervisor Engine I or II in order to recover Cisco Catalyst 6000/6500 with Supervisor ndcbbnpendc0103#sh ver Cisco Internetwork Operating System Software IOS (tm) s72033_rp Software (s72033_rp-ADVENTERPRISEK9_WAN-M), Version 12.2(18)SXF6, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) Technical Support: http://www.cisco.com/techsupport Copyright (c) 1986-2006 by cisco Systems, Inc. All of the devices used in this document started with a cleared (default) configuration.